JHS Pedals: Guitar Effect Pedals

These JHS Pedals are the result of Josh Scott’s desire to build quality guitar pedal effects to conquer an already saturated market segment.

Starting in 2007 with the repair of a Boss Blues Driver, JHS Pedals has become a world-renowned manufacturer of pedal effects.

The years when Josh worked in several electronic repair centers made him year after year experience and knowledge of the needs that musicians have on their instrumentation, and this is one of the strengths on which JHS is founded.

At the moment this company employs about 20 or 25 people, who are concerned with providing excellent quality production, administration, and after-sales service. Standard wages and even more are paid to every JHS Pedals employee, and production is maintained entirely in the United States. Every single JHS pedal, JHS Mod, and hand-painted JHS is assembled, tested, and shipped from our southern office in Kansas City, USA. All printed circuit boards have always been and will continue to be manufactured in the USA in one of three factories: Kansas City, California and Michigan. The casings are manufactured and coated by Mammoth Electronics in Oklahoma, and the graphics are produced by the in-house department at the Kansas City site.

JHS Pedals: The Morning Glory V4

You can have one of the most comprehensive effects lines the market has to offer today.

JHS Pedals designs, assembles and distributes pedals that sound their best, are easy to use, and work properly.

The JHS Morning Glory is without a doubt the best known model, the one that has received the most recognition of all those designed. Hard work has made it the most transparent overdrive around. When you want to add a bit of grit to the mid-bass frequencies of your clean sound, add a JHS Pedals Morning Glory V4, the latest version. The same when you want to have a sound from boost to crunch with great sustain.

Or if you need to improve dynamics in a budget amp. In short, it can come in handy on a lot of occasions.

JHS Pedals: the Bonsai

It was probably back in the 1970s that the overdrive effect perfected itself.

This is thanks to the contribution of Japanese engineers who have designed the sound we know well.

The same sound that became the heart and soul of many artists such as The Edge, Buddy Guy John Meyer, Santana and many others.

In every genre has been used that classic and iconic green pedal. If you had to choose a single pedal that represents the sound of overdrive, surely the choice would fall on the Tube Screamer.

Perhaps the most produced pedal in the history of guitar effects. And this JHS Bonsai is therefore a tribute to one of the best pedals ever created. In the wake of the 2015 Muffuletta, the JHS Bonsai uses a simple round knob to modify the sound in nine different variants of the Screamer.

See now all JHS Pedals models available for immediate delivery from Musicarte, original and covered by warranty.

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