Journey Through the Duesenberg Electric Guitars

Andrea of the guitar department has chosen and tested in store by Musicarte Store, four models of Duesenberg electric guitars. At the end of the article you can see the full video… if you’re curious and you can’t wait click this link to see the video.

If you want to read a bit, in this blog article, after a bit of history we will introduce you to the Dusenberg electric guitars that we like best!

The Brand, Style and Design of Duesenberg Electric Guitars

Founded in 1986 in Hannover, Germany, Duesenberg is a brand that produces electric stringed instruments.

The current Duesenberg electric guitars are American productions even though the brand is of German origin.

In fact, in 2004, the company opened a new production subsidiary in Fullerton, California.

With its classic design and mostly unconventional coloring, Duesenberg instruments are in fact associated with the guitar design of the 50s and 60s.

Before arriving at its unmistakable design, Duesenberg faced several difficulties and many style changes, also because the manufacturers were originally car manufacturers.

Initially, the Duesenberg electric guitars produced had a heavy-metal style, but with a futuristic design. Only in 1995 with the model Duesenberg Starplayer, you have the first guitar really appreciated and apt. It will become the most representative model of the Duesenberg.

Duesenberg electric guitars combine traditional shapes with design elements of the Art Deco style through the use of rare and eccentric materials. Typical of this style are parallel lines, stepped geometries and extended curves. (One example is the Duesenberg Alliance Mike Campbell. Do you want to know if it’s still available in the store? click here) In addition to standard colors such as white and black, the color palette of Duesenberg guitars consists of a transparent orange, a classic Surf Green, a pastel red and sparkling colors with blue, silver and black finishes. Duesenberg guitars also feature extravagant mother-of-pearl Ice, Blue and Emerald-Green-Pearl designs. Traditional finishes such as Gold-Top, Two-Tone-Sunburst, Fireburst and Vintage Blonde are also used on specific models.

The Duesenberg Alliance Joe Walsh Gold Burst

The Duesenberg Alliance Joe Walsh is the signature model of Joe Walsh (Eagles). Click here if you want to know more about Joe Walsh. This guitar has a fantastic construction, it is in fact a very light guitar. It has a spruce top, the back and sides are maple. The neck is also made of maple, and like all Duesenberg guitars, it has a self-locking mechanism. The Pickups have been studied and assembled for this specific model, the Pickups on the bridge are Duesenberg Litte Toaster and the Pickups on the neck are Duesenberg HSC SingleTwin noiseless.

The beauty and main feature of this guitar is that it is very balanced and controlled in the distorted, and no doubt you can appreciate it much better on the clean. The guitar controls are Tono/Volume and the vibrato system is marked Duesenberg. The guitar will be difficult to forget thanks to the self-locking mechanical system.

Do you know the Morse code? If so, from the dots of the keyboard of this signature, you can read the name of Joe Walsh, a great fan of Morse code!

The Duesenberg Alliance Mike Campbell Starplayer Tv

When Mike Campbell first played his Starplayer TV during the Super Bowl break in 2008, it immediately became a milestone in Duesenberg’s history and a worldwide icon. Available in electric blue and black models. The top of this Duesenberg electric guitar is spruce and the back and sides are maple, and the neck maple.

The neck is glued, Gibson style for instance, the bridge is signed Duesenberg and this model has mounted a three-way selector.

The controls of the guitar are Tono/Volume and the mechanics, as for all the Duesenbergs, are self-locking.

The mechanism being very small and light does not load the weight on the headstock which is therefore well balanced.

The Duesenberg Paloma Red Sparkle

“It’s all about the curves” is presented in this way, with this sentence, the Duesenberg Paloma!

The Paloma series is the ideal guitar for those looking for flexibility!

Paloma is a very particular guitar both in aesthetics and construction. The guitar is equipped with a Humbucker Grand Vintage and two Duesenberg singlecoils (Pearlito and Alnico Blade), which guarantee a wide range of sounds. The guitar has a four-way switch that allows a wide choice of sounds and is equipped with the Duesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremola. The Blade singlecoil with four-way selector is almost like a counter-phase pickup.

In the clean, perhaps it comes close to the sound of the Telecaster.

As an instrument, it is a bit heavier than the others, the body is in ash, this to make the mid-bass frequencies more accentuated.

The guitar is completely mahogany, the fingerboard has 22 rosewood keys and the mechanics are always self-locking, the maple neck is glued as in the other models.

Watch Andrea’s video from minute 10′ and listen to how the Duesenberg Paloma Red Sparkle sounds.

A guitar that in the distorted brings out all its aggressiveness and its hard rock soul.

Curiosities About Duesenberg Electric Guitars

The artists who use and appreciate these beautiful guitars are always growing. Both for the fascinating aesthetics and for the vintage sound but very customizable.

We remember Chris Cornell playing with the StarPlayer Black model. Eddie Vedder plays with Blue Duesenberg Mike Campbell Signature TV. Keith Richard and John Wood (Rolling Stones) also play with the Duesenberg, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Johnny Depp, Ligabue and many others.

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