Drum Microphones Moonmics Microphones at the Chicago Drum Trade Show 2012

Moon Mics, a drum maker manufacturer, began its history ten years ago. In 2008, they first entered the wide market with the presentation of their new products at the MME Metro Music Expo in Novi, Michigan. Choose the best vocal microphones for drummers.

Today we will meet this company at the Chicago Drum Trade Show 2012. This rather new company produces what can be called an inverted speaker with such a large aperture that it can take off the lowest frequencies, which for drummers means the perfect adaptation for a bass drum. Moon mics microphones are designed to work with traditional bass drum microphones, so you can mix two microphones to get a low-frequency beat.

Drum Microphone Kit Audix FP Quad Pack

When it comes to the “surrounding” late-drum reel, a smaller number may be enough, which explains why Audix associates are so proud of the new Audix FP Quad Pack drum microphones.

The cost-effective alternative to the DP Quad Pack, which was introduced last year, the FP Quad version has a dynamic microphone F6, for capturing the bass frequencies, a dynamic microphone F5 for enhancing the depth and sharpness of the snare drum and two F9 pre-polarized condenser microphones. created for the overhead position (above the installation) – for removing hi-hat, toms, cymbals and the atmosphere of the entire drum set – regardless of the area occupied by your drums.

All four microphones come packed in a coarse aluminum case along with a DELEX F5 microphone rim mount, which is used for the snare drum. The entire kit is available at a suggested retail price of $525.

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