Sabian Battery Dishes

In 1981, Robert Zildjian, already one of the biggest names in cymbal producers, realized that many drummers needed a better choice: Sabian cymbals. Unsatisfied with the quality and sound of the cymbals produced at the time, he began to produce a new series of cymbals in a small town in Canada, in Meductic, New Brunswick.

Unlike the Zildjian cymbals that are made in the USA, they are made in a factory along the St. John River, in the forests of New Brunswick in Eastern Canada. This is a very green area, and in fact Sabian is not only proud of the production of its battery plates, but also of the minimal environmental impact that the factory has on the surrounding environment.

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Sabian AAX

The introduction of Sabian AAX cymbals marked the first real lines of modern cymbals. Their first endorsers were drummers of the calibre of Phil Collins and with the first professionally matched sets of cymbals in the music industry, a factory in a small Canadian town managed to become one of the world’s leading producers. Compared to the AA series they have more explosion and a faster vertical rather than round sound curve.

There’s a lot to be said for how these cymbals are hammered and for all the technology around their production. But the most important thing to know is that the Sabian AAX’s provide brilliance, musicality, and very wide dynamics. In fact, if you play pop, rock or hip hop, the AAX could be the answer to what you were looking for. Ideal for a modern style. They cover the mid-high frequencies and the finish is natural or brilliant. They are made of a B20 metal alloy.

Sabian HHX

Sabian HHX cymbals give you the opportunity to have dark, musical sounding sounds cut into the mid-bass frequencies. The style is modern and the finish is always available natural or bright. It’s easy to express your dark side. Unlike the HH series have more explosion, this is indicated by adding the X to the series name.

Metallurgical experts pour a B20 metal alloy, a combination of copper, tin and silver, into moulds. The castings are made through large furnaces with the employment of five people who work under very high heat. A dozen times rotation is made to create a strong and resistant molecular tissue. Then the dishes are collected and sorted by hand according to weight and prepared to remove all impurities. Every single Sabian HHX cymbal is tested by a Vault sound expert.

Used Sabian Dishes

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