Tokai Guitars Discover History and Models

Tokai guitars are produced by a historic Japanese manufacturer of musical instruments. Tokai Japan was founded in 1947, when it made pianos. In 1973 he began producing banjos and by 1975 electric pianos. Classical guitars since 1965 and electric guitars since 1968. Tokai has its own factory and produced instruments under license for major brands such as Martin’s Sigma and Fender Japan from 1997 to 2015. Musicarte is among the official Tokai guitar dealers. If you want to find out more about the models of guitars currently produced continue reading this post.

Tokai THB 200 Guitars

Directly since 1967, Tokai THB 200 guitars have been the first electric guitars designed by Tokai. The bold and balanced style was carefully designed to capture the spirit of Tokai’s first electric guitars, building on the original factory designs. There are details of the original models that you can’t miss, such as the pressed steel tremolo lever, the unmistakable headstock and the thinner body at the edges (German carve). All this in combination with a new set of single coil pickups completely redesigned to offer a modern playability with a vintage flavor. This is just one of the series produced, we now see the Talbo and SEB.

Tokai Talbo since 1983

Tokai Talbo’s unique design features a revolutionary aluminium alloy body that provides greater stability, which is impossible to achieve with a traditional wooden body. The Talbo responds directly to the guitarist’s feelings. With its clean, noise-free sound and overwhelming power, derived from the aluminum alloy body that allows the body to act as a shielding system. These clarifying Tokai has been in the history of the electric guitar for 35 years. And finally after these two series it is time to see what is perhaps the most innovative. Continue reading.

Tokai SEB Trinity Series

The Tokai SEB Trinity Series is a new concept in electric guitar construction. Tokai’s engineers and designers have developed a new construction technique for electric guitar bodies and basses. By placing a piece of wood cut across the top and bottom of the body, the sound is reflected outward four times faster than with a traditional body. This innovative construction method called SEB (Sound Effect Body) allows a drastic increase in the cleanliness of the notes, sustain, response speed, dynamics. This kind of multidirectional fiber offers a surprisingly new sound compared to standard instruments.

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