Warwick bass made in Germany

One of the most innovative pioneers in instrument manufacturing, the Warwick & Framus bass guitars combine legendary handcrafted construction techniques with the latest industrial automatisms. The production of Warwick Bass Guitars began in 1982 and has grown to become one of the most respected in the world. Its headquarters is located in Markneukirchen in Germany, the ideal spot to capitalize on the region’s tradition of building bass guitars for over a century.

The History of Warwick Bass Guitars

Warwick Bass begins its history on 1 January 1946 when “Fränkische Musikinstrumentenerzeugung Fred Wilfer KG” founded the company in Erlangen, Bavaria. The then US military government in Bavaria gave him permission to found the company.

Erlangen then became a centre of reference for all music instrument manufacturers in the area. Warwick Bass was built by retrofitting a former military camp in the fall of 1946, becoming one of the most important electric guitar factories in Europe between 1946 and the late 1970s.

In 1984 the 4-string Streamer Stage I was introduced. Then in 1991 the Streamer Corvette Limited Edition was produced in 125 pieces. In 2014 Katana Bolt-On and Neck-Through. Streamer Bolt-On $$$ in 2005. Production is constantly updated to date, with bass guitars, amplifiers and speakers.

Models in Production

Each Masterbuilt Custom Shop instrument is the brainchild of experienced luthiers and creative specialists. Each is unique and embodies the artistic vision of perfection in the construction of an instrument. With the aim of creating unique instruments, having decades of experience, as much as passion. With the possibility of having endless customized versions.

The instruments of the Pro Series Teambuilt are made in the same factory as the upper series under the supervision of the best master violin makers. Every customer has the opportunity to have a Warwick bass built in Germany but at an affordable price. Each instrument is built with high standards of finish, choice of colors.

The RockBass series offers good quality at an entry level price. All instruments undergo quality control in China and then back again by German luthiers before being shipped.

Artists Who Are In Love With Them

John Entwistle of The Who, Paul Gray of Slipknot are some of the legends that have played with these instruments. Prince also had a 4-string Warwick bass. Adam Clayton of U2 has his own signature model, like Robert Trujillo of Metallica with his Warwick 5-string bass.

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