Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

You don’t need us to know the abyss between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar!

Many designers have tried to reduce this gap over time. Historical acoustic guitar makers such as Godin or Taylor have achieved good results.

If you’d like to have in your hands an electric guitar that sounds like an acoustic, then you’ll be pleased to know that it really exists and is called the Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster.

Fender recently launched the American Acoustasonic Telecaster.

It represents the new generation of craftsmanship and innovation. A super modern version of the Telecaster!

This powerful guitar offers a new sound expression suitable for both the studio and the stage.

Design and Construction

By taking it in your hands from the very first time, you immediately realize how unusual this guitar is.

The thin finish of the neck is continued in the equally thin painting of the polyurethane body, very pleasant to the touch.

The neck and bottom are made of natural mahogany.

Its thin and resonant body in fir and mahogany joins the mahogany neck. The curved body gives a very comfortable support for the forearm and the classic Telecaster headstock will make you even happier if you are a lover of canvas.

From the small hole on the body you can’t look inside the guitar, but by removing the central back plate, you can see the hollow construction of the Acoustasonic.

No more low battery!

9v battery life 20 hours!

There’s nothing worse than watching your guitar die while you’re playing on stage or during rehearsals just because you forgot to recharge your drums before playing. With this Tele Acoustasonic it will never happen.

Unlike traditional 9V systems, the Telecaster Acoustasonic has an integrated lithium-ion battery, which can be charged via USB via an output jack and offers up to 20 hours of continuous use (with four or five hours of charging).

The strong point is that you can play the Acoustasonic guitar while it is charging. A small LED will blink red when you’re about two hours away from charging.

Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster Specifications

Fender and Fishman have worked together to provide this Acoustasonic Telecaster with every feature suitable for every type of instrumentation.

Whether you’re going direct to an amplifier on stage or direct to a PA system, this tele is suitable for all genres: from sweet and honeyed fingerstyle to the classic Texas twang.

The secret is a combination of magnetic pickups and electric piezo at the bridge, driven by powerful DSPs behind the scenes.

Seven onboard acoustic profiles (from Parlor to Dreadnought), two types of Tele sounds (Clean and Crunch), and a blend in between phase give this hybrid the best of both the acoustic and electric worlds.

It’s also perfect for acoustic-folk solo sets or rock band sets.

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