Headboard and Bass Box

At the Musicarte Store you can find plenty of solutions to amplify your instrument, but there’s nothing better than taking a bass head and a bass drum. These two separate elements will surely give you all the power you need. For example, you’ll get more power than you could get with a bass combo model. This also gives you more versatility, you can combine a head from one brand and combine a bass drum from another. All to help you find your own sound. On this page you can read some tips for the headboard and bass drum.

Bass Tube Header

The heads can be grouped into three main categories: fully valve. Class D, digital. solid state power amplifier (transistor). Among the best bass warheads are produced by brands such as Ashdown, Aguilar, EBS, Ampeg, Mesa, Orange, Gallien Krueger. A bass tube header gives you a lot of power A bass ampeg header to consider could be the SVT-CL Classic Series, a 300W tube header, a classic model suitable for the rock bassist. There are plenty of possibilities to amplify your bass.

Cheap Bass Header

To play at home or on stage you don’t necessarily have to spend digit degrees, but you can also express your own sound through a cheap bass head. The Trace Elliot AH150L develops a power of 150 Watts RMS and includes compressor effects, pre shapes and loops at more than affordable prices. Or the Ampeg B1-RE gives good sound to all bassists who are ready to have a rack system. Even if they are entry-level models, they still have the versatility to choose a speaker of your choice.

Bass Cabinet 4×10″

Choosing the cone is essential to have different sound responses. After preparing the bass, the cable, the headboard, it’s time to end your sound chain with the element that physically emits the sound you want to make heard. In fact, the vibrating cone allows you to feel the electrical impulse generated by the head. A 4×10 bass drum means it’s made up of four 10″ diameter cones, like the EBS ProLine 410. This model will sound different from a 2×12 bass drum like the EBS ProLine 210. To help you make your choice, keep in mind the sound you want to get. The 1×12″ speakers are ideal for practice and study. The 4×10″ speakers are richer in medium frequencies and give an ideal boost for live performance.

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