Montarbo is a brand that has its roots in the ’60s and that, constantly renewing itself and opening up to new markets, has grown up to now, taking advantage of its history and at the same time looking to the future.

With a young, innovative and visionary management, Montarbo is inspired by the spirit that marked its birth, imagining today what will be tomorrow.

Aware that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”, Montarbo works following this concept, harmonizing skills, stories, backgrounds, passions.

Yesterday as today, authentically Made in Italy in concept and production, with the aim of studying the best audio solutions in an increasingly interconnected world.


The team. Together we are more than just a sum. Our work is based on the ability to create connections between different ways of thinking and skills, all indispensable and complementary. The genius emerges from the collective work and we are aware of this.

Innovation. We study, design and experiment. Using the latest technologies, we are always on different paths that have as their only goal the excellence of sound.

The emotional experience. Sound more than image can be an immersive experience. For this reason we study solutions that can give the listener an experiential moment to live fully through an enveloping and increasingly immersive sound.

The value. Behind each of our products there is an accurate study of technology and materials to be used. Excellence is the value we strive for and quality also lies in the attractive and elegant design and in creating products that are always suitable for the situation in which they will be used.

Respect for the environment. From the selection of our suppliers to the research of renewable components, from the attention to the production standards to the energy saving of the amplifiers: our constant objective is to minimize the environmental impact.

It was the early 1960s. The Beatles sang “Love me do”, the world dreamt of the race for space and Olivetti produced the first PC. Montanari put the 453 mixer on the market.

A portable case, whose lids served as a support, contained a six-channel mixer, a 100-watt amplifier and an eco-patented unit that was then patented worldwide. It was the first product to go down in history.

Incipit from a novel for Montarbo, a brand created by Sergio Montanari who, joining his surname to the ending BO, in Bologna, his birthplace, created the brand naming.

The history of Montarbo is dotted with products that have marked a turning point and, consequently, a great success for the brand.


In 1962, an amplified mixer in case format and with an ECHO unit included entered the market, making it, in fact, one of the first portable All-In-One mixing solutions on the market. A product that launched the Italian brand worldwide. That first success was already based on the production philosophy that still distinguishes the Montarbo brand today: ease of use, versatility, attention to materials, technological innovation and, above all, reliability.

In the early 80’s Montarbo launched a new product on the market. A non-amplified wooden speaker, with the name 189: simple to use, very reliable and with high quality speakers inside, born from a close collaboration with the BBC (this was the name of the B&C at the time) that began to make itself known on the market thanks to the Montarbo brand.

In the 90s Montarbo pulled another product out of the cylinder. Clean sound, good performance and amplification in perfect Montarbo style. These are the wooden boxes W28A. Reliability and prompt and quick assistance in case of need have played a key role in the success of the product.

At the beginning of 2000, Montarbo introduced the W17P plastic amplified loudspeakers, which are still in production. Simplicity is the main feature of the design of this loudspeaker, completed by flexibility, speed and safety of assembly. But the real strength was the unique and innovative design.

From 1997 to 2005, Montarbo launched the MT180A speakers on the market. A product that is highly appreciated by customers and therefore marks the history of Montarbo. Plastic structure, small, powerful and reliable, these are the characteristics that marked the success.

The evolution of the MT180A is the MT200 on the market from 2003 to 2009. Another step forward to make the product even more accurate and sensitive to customer needs.

The story goes on and the MT200s in 2008 gave birth to the NM250A, still in production. A high performance bi-amplified active loudspeaker system, with maximum power at the top of its category, which combines the power and sound pressure, typical of professional systems of higher weight and size, with compactness and ease of use. A real step forward for our pro audio world.

From 1996 to 2008, Montarbo produced a new unamplified mixer, the XD69. It is a mixer with a high production cost and a very high level, appreciated by customers for the particular sequence of effects as well as for its reliability.

These are our roots. But the history of Montarbo is made of the present and looks to the future. Our products, today as yesterday, design excellence and bring to international markets the world vision of Pro Audio by Montarbo.


Montarbo Fire 12A MK2 Combines a 12″ woofer with ferrite magnet and a 1.4″ horn loaded compression drive (80°x60°).

It develops a maximum power of 900 W, maintaining an excellent performance and timbre over the entire frequency range.

The FIRE12A MK2 is equipped with a double class D amplifier with a new 24 bit DSP.

The FIRE12A MK2 combines a 12″ woofer with ferrite magnet and a 1.4″ compression drive loaded with a horn (80°x60°), developing a maximum power of 900 W, maintaining an excellent performance and timbre over the entire frequency range.

The speaker has a LineIN input on XLR combo, a MIC IN input on XLR and a balanced output on XLR.

The construction of the birch plywood box allows quick and efficient installations, suitable for any location thanks to the various fixing and positioning modes, from rubber feet to the 6 M10 nuts incorporated for suspended use, up to the standard 35mm hole for use on the stand.


FIRE12LP MK2 is a full-range two-way passive system with 8 ohm impedance.

The birch plywood box and the high quality transducers guarantee great efficiency and a warm and bright tone. The light weight and ease of mounting allow for quick and efficient installation.


The FIRE10A MK2 combines a 10″ woofer with ferrite magnet and a 1″ compression drive loaded with a horn (80°x60°), developing a maximum power of 900 W, maintaining an excellent performance and timbre over the entire frequency range.


The FIRE15A MK2 combines a 15″ woofer with a ferrite magnet and a 1.4″ compression drive loaded with a horn (50°x40°), developing a maximum power of 1100 W, maintaining an excellent performance and timbre over the entire frequency range.


Active subwoofer with a class D amplifier and stereo cross-over filter for driving full-range speakers. The accurate acoustic design allows to obtain high pressures with very small dimensions.

The birch plywood box and the high quality transducer guarantee great efficiency. The great quality and reliability make it a versatile object both for the stage and in clubs, for the band, the drum-fill and the dj-set.

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